1. The Christmas Song. Words by Robert Wells and Mel Torme. Judy Shin: piano, Nadja Dudek: violin, Jimmy Fallon: guitar/vocals/mix. (11/2021)

  2. Turn the Page ("Special Version"). Words and music by Bob Seger. Graham Duval: drums, Andrew "Hacksaw" Harney: bass, Joe Knecht: 12-string guitar/lead guitar/rhythm guitar, Judy Shin: organ, Jimmy Fallon: vocals/mix. 

  3. Santa Drinks Whiskey. Judy Shin: piano, Jimmy Fallon: lyrics/vocals/guitars/bass/mix. (11/2021)
  4. You Should Hear Her Talk. Graham Duval: drums, Joe Knecht: organ/guitar, Josh Byrd: guitar, Jimmy Fallon: bass/guitar/lyrics/vocals/mix. (12/2021)
  5. Boston Lights. Jimmy Fallon: guitar/vocals/lyrics/mix, Danny Morris: bass. (04/2022)
  6. Good To Be Home (acoustic version). Jimmy Fallon: vocals/lyrics/guitar, Kyle Henson: piano, Josh Florez: mix. (09/2022)
  7. Six Feet Under. Phil Madeira: piano, Vinaik Gautam: saxophone, Jamila: background vocals, Jimmy Fallon: other. (03/2023)
  • Also wrote/performed/produced for the organization Songs of Love: Joe Knecht & Jimmy Fallon: