Graham "The Dutchtreat" Duval


“The Dutchtreat” Duval hails from the small town of Minot Maine, and is a very skilled musician with an awe-inspiring ability to play drums. His sense of rhythm adds an amazing vibe to any project, accentuating the musicality. Graham has a great skill to play any style of music but really enjoys playing music with a jam, improvisational vibe. Graham is a very accomplished drummer with more than 20 years under his belt performing and recording. As a kid when visiting his aunt, he would always find a way to go into the attic and bang on his uncle’s old vintage drum set.  It was this that put him on a path to a long and prosperous career as a drummer that has made him very sought after. 

Graham has been a part of a various number of bands over the years. One of his greatest accomplishments as a musician was with the band Pond Duck Trio, he was part of at University Maine Farmington, where they performed Abbey Road in its entirety straight from the sheet music, for over 300 people. He has helped start some great bands that are still playing to date. He was the original drummer for the band People Like You, helping them win New England Music Awards last band standing.  He also helped form the band Cosmic Superheroes in Raleigh NC and was featured on their first album Monday. One of his most outstanding achievements was with the band Old Abode and recording their album Before the Day with Grammy nominated producer Frank Santos. They took this album on a mini tour of New England playing venues such as the Paradise Rock Club, Boston, Radio Bean, Burlington and The Blue Ocean Music Hall in Newburyport. Old Abode was also nominated by the New England Music Awards for best NH band. 

Presently, Graham has been working on a project with the band Sal Johnson and The Crowded Table and recording a full-length album Reminisce on the Yesternow with the help of Dirt Floor Studios in CT. They are available on all streaming services where you can listen to music and they will be opening for Graham’s former band People Like You. Their sound is a Psychedelic Roots Rock, Indie Folk-Rock band. Graham has also organized a reunion with his first band Pond Duck Trio. They have also recorded a 6-song album Class Reunion, that is scheduled to be released soon. This band is very near and dear to his heart as it was his first band, he was a part of, and it consists of jam music with an improvisational style. 

Graham is now enrolled in the Bachelor of Professional Studies Music Business program at Berklee Online where he is working at refining his abilities to navigate the music industry. This is where he met fellow classmate Jimmy who is a vocalist/writer/guitarist with Jukebox Storm. He is very excited to be a part of this global project. You can follow the links bellow to check out some of Graham’s skills.